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Many of us grew up with the idea that a neighborhood was best suited for raising a child. It had nothing to do with parents’ shortcomings but rather a general belief in a community and that the group’s shared stories, lessons, and experiences helped develop young people into a better version of themself.

Those days have long passed, but after multiple decades of creating successful technology solutions, it’s clear that those same principles of community are deeply woven into the most successful products and businesses, and Mach1 is no exception.

Mach1 is a different kind of cloud-based digital platform by design. It was created from the simple belief that the best startup ideas come from taking a problem that one knows deeply and figuring out a way to solve it for others.  People tend to overcomplicate business and technology as a sport, but the truth is, the basis of a good idea often can be summarized as solving a problem as simply as you can.

When Gulf Coast Solutions set out to build Mach1, the team focused on that simple principle of using technology to create a product made to help companies perform their work. The company wanted to build working technology for working people.

The number of ways that Mach1 can help a business achieve its goals is far too many to count or list.  The most impactful ones come from Mach1’s unique ability to be flexible enough to provide business owners and teams a canvas to create their own success stories. At its foundation, Mach1 gives you a framework and a core that you can build from to compliment your business.

Here are a couple of examples just from the last 12 months…

  • By using the Mach1 cloud product, a startup service provider was able to implement a system that had all the processes and tools of a world-class firm in a matter of days, not years, which in turn, allowed the firm to focus on hiring quality employees, win bids, and not waste on manual processes and needless trial and error.
  • Leveraging the Mach1 framework through a joint venture partnership, Gulf Coast Solutions was able to create a full-scale planning solution for refineries, chemical facilities, and large-scale construction sites to help manage the project through execution, as well as track the contractors on the project. Using Mach1 not only saved $2 million of total project cost but also cut down the delivery time from 12-18 months to a little under 90 days.
  • Using Mach1 as an accelerator, Gulf Coast was able to launch a partnership with one of the largest payroll providers in the U.S. that will be live this summer. By providing the flexibility of a framework, along with the proven tools of the industry, the team has been able to pilot, experiment, and pivot quickly to solve a direct need in the marketplace.
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However, the capabilities and features of Mach1 are just the surface level of its overall value. The actual value of Mach1 is that it brings the benefit of the community directly into your business. The unique combination of community, deep industry knowledge, and innovation is what makes Mach1 so different.

Directly embedded into Mach1 are the tens of thousands of hours of delivering solutions that Gulf Coast has accomplished along the way. Every successful product the company has built has impacted what you see in front of you today, and most importantly, so has every failure.

Industry benefits from the thousands of problems the Gulf Coast team has helped solve, from businesses of all sizes, including the largest enterprises with their unique needs, to helping business owners forced to bootstrap a startup.

With Gulf Coast Solutions, you get the spirit of innovation and the willingness to find clever ways to solve problems with simplicity, forward-thinking, and real-world use as its north star. As a technology firm, innovation and solution building is in the company’s DNA. Still, as small business owners who built the business out of their own pockets, Gulf Coast has also had to find creative ways to solve big problems without billions pouring in from outside investors. The company was forced to deal with constraints head-on, and a constraint-driven design can be a creative multiplier.

Helping organizations with technology and strategic projects of all shapes and sizes, the company has provided solutions such as strategic leadership, multi-year, enterprise-class managed teams, and product acceleration across nearly every process and department in the industrial construction, engineering, and service industries. This depth of experience has allowed it to create a better alternative to large out-of-the-box solutions and expensive custom builds.

Who Can Benefit From Mach1?

  • If you are in the energy, construction, or services business and want to level up your business in weeks or months rather than years, it is worth having a conversation to see what Mach1 can do.
  • If you are an emerging leader in the industry and have an idea that you believe can create a new market or capture missing opportunities, Gulf Coast Solutions would love to share its story with you on how Mach1 can be used to accelerate your vision just as it continues to do with its own products.
  • If you have a very specific problem related to project accounting, employee communication, work order management, analytics, estimating, or planning, Gulf Coast would love to have a conversation on how the built-in domain knowledge of Mach1 and GCS can help you with goals.

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