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What Makes GCS Unique

We started this company to give you a better alternative to big-name consulting firms more concerned about billing time than quickly meeting your needs. GCS only takes on projects where we know we can make a difference.

Our software engineers are lead by a close-knit leadership team of passionate, energetic individuals with over 75 years’ experience driving successful IT services for businesses of all sizes. GCS specializes in industrial and service-oriented businesses.

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Meet the Team

Cody Caillet

Co-Founder, President, CEO

Mike Salo


Chase Caillet


Zak Whitaker

Senior Software Engineer

Damien Breaux

Software Engineer

Jonathan Rostami

Software Engineer

Alan Snedeker

Senior Software Engineer

Michelle Stephens

Software Engineer

Oleksiy Yatsko

Software Engineer

Dashon Howard

Software Engineer

Brendon Greene

Software Engineer

Samira McQueen

Software Engineer

Kareem Philip-Jackson

Software Engineer

Ben Looper

Software Engineer

Dane DePriest

Project Manager

Lichelle Armstrong

Customer Care Specialist

Melissa Lof

Administrative Assistant

// our history

Company History

Launched Mach1 Owner Edition for Facilities and Refineries
Got accepted into the Paychex Partnership Program for Mach1
Created COVID-19 vaccine tracking
Became a member of Associated Builders and Contractors of Greater Houston (ABC)
Became a member of Economic Alliance Houston Port Region
Mach1 Forms released
Formed partnership with Forward Sanitize and Forward Staffing
Launched the Optics360 line of products
Launched Mach1 Advanced Billing
2016 — 2019
Began development on Mach1 in 2017
Moved into our office in 2017
First Enterprise customer on Mach1 in 2018
Began the employee development program and team hack-a-thons
2014 — 2015
Hired first employee (Tyler Chase Robertson) in March 2015
Launched OfficeAlert.com and Oversize product in 2015
2013 — 2014
Company founded on March 2013
Made our first $1M in revenue in 2014

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