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Q1 outlook for 2021, Business & Technology

How I see the next few months shaping up as traditional companies realize how much the game has changed. In 2020, the most important lesson we learned was that business was permanently disrupted.  For better and for worse, 2020 was a watershed year in terms of how things used to be done. There were tons […]

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Custom Software Development

Welcome to the Golden Age of Software Development
Software. It’s a word that most people recognize today.

Software runs people’s lives, business enterprises and shapes industries. Everyone from SMBs to COIs are trying to make their SAP work for their corporations. Software development is making its mark on the world through transforming every aspect of business operations from mobile application development to robotics.

Sometimes though that mark is totally missed.

What It’s Like to Work with GCS

Find out what it’s like to work with us!

Mobile Field Data Capture Case Study

Download our Mobile Field Data Capture Case Study

Forecasting Case Study

Download our Forecasting Case Study

Online Hiring Case Study

Download our Online Hiring Case Study

Construction Site Hard Hat & Proximity Detection

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be used to reduce injuries and protect employees.

GCS Turns 7 & Our Favorite Story

This week, despite whats going around us, is a special week for GCS. This week, GCS turns 7 years old. As I was thinking about this week, it reminded me of a story that I love to tell, and it’s the story I bring you today.

Experienced Full Stack .NET Engineer (Contract)

Your job will be to bring your skills to contribute across the entire development stack for our customers and/or projects. As a smaller company, we do not have separate, dedicated teams that focus on specific disciplines in the development stack. Instead, our developers are involved in every component it takes to build reliable enterprise applications on the Microsoft/.NET stack. As someone with a few years of experience, you will be expected to contribute at a high level in application and database development.

Deciding b/w Custom Software and Out-of-the-box Products

Simple questions to ask that can help you avoid a costly mistake in choosing the wrong type of solution for your current project. Is the way you run your business different than most others in your industry? This question is the #1 factor in determining whether or not you should use custom software. If your […]

Our Microsoft HoloLens II Journey

A multi-part adventure series on GCS trying to get our hands on a HoloLens 2 device (without the adventure)

Your Best Ingredient for Success is your culture!

It is no secret to many successful business owners how critical culture is to the long-term success of your company. Short-term success can simply be had by riding the latest wave or trend, but more often than not, to have long-term success requires creating a specific environment that will enable you to succeed. Everything you […]

SQL Server’s Memory-Optimized Tables (MOTs)

Every developer has heard the complaint “This app is so slow!!!” At Gulf Coast Solutions, most of our apps are heavily data-driven and dependent on the database. For over 70% of our projects, the primary database we use is Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Server released Memory-Optimized Tables or MOTs in SQL Server 2014 with the […]

RPA vs Digital Transformation

What do these terms mean? Digital Transformation is the use of digital technology to solve problems to reduce the amount of resources (human & machine) needed.  Most effective digital transformation solutions utilize cloud computing and dynamic usage consumption models but smaller projects can substantial success even without the cloud model. Robotic process automation (RPA) is […]

3 Ways to Hire Technology Services

Looking for technology services? Our president, Cody Caillet, wrote a great blog post on this very topic that you should read. Click the link below to check it out on his personal blog. While you are, check out some of his other posts and learn more about the leader of this great company.

7 Ways To Grow Your Business During The Holidays

For businesses, the holiday season comes with mixed emotions. On one hand, it is the time of year when you get to really see the fruits of your labor, both in the year-end numbers and the time you get to spend with your family and friends. However, the holiday season also is a weird time […]

Managing People – 5 Things I’ve Learned

My management career started six years ago, and I knew nothing. Ok, maybe that’s not fair. At that point in my career, I had been managed by a variety of people of all shapes and sizes, so I at least knew of a few traits or tactics that I liked/disliked. But my own style? I had.as much as anyone else doing something for the first time.

Working with the Acumatica Screen API and .NET Core – Part I

Acumatica is one of those newcomers to what is becoming a very crowded marketplace. We’ve had the privilege of working with the software on a large scale integration project with Mach1 for 12 months and our experience has been very positive, both from the problems it solves and from the integration abilities that it allows you to leverage.

Creating Downward Pressure Through Technology

“The great ones we work with know better. They uniquely understand the importance of creating downward pressure on their competition which not only raises the offerings, but indirectly hurts the bottom line of their biggest competition.” Read the rest of the article on Medium here

TPL Tutorial – Part I

If there’s anything development related that I love most, it’s an opportunity to do a hard rewrite of some application that’s been around for a while. This 3-part tutorial illustrates the strategy we used to rewrite a data process application using The Microsoft Dataflow Library.

Getting more life out of your old back office systems

Ah, the good ole days In the early 2000’s (or before), there was a mad rush for organizations to upgrade their back office systems to specialized packages and ERPs.  Like cows to a dinner bell, polished sales teams and papered up consultants flocked by the thousands to offer promises of innovation and modernization.  This was […]