Hitchhiker's Guide to Custom Software Development

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Custom Software Development

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Custom Software Development

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Custom Software Excerpt


Welcome to the Golden Age of Software Development

Software. It’s a word that most people recognize today.

Software runs people’s lives, business enterprises and shapes industries. Everyone from SMBs to COIs are trying to make their SAP work for their corporations. Software development is making its mark on the world through transforming every aspect of business operations from mobile application development to robotics.

Sometimes though that mark is totally missed.

How many times have you wanted to chuck your laptop out a window? Or maybe you’ve had the desire to smash the screen while working on a project cost report? If it says “Waiting for Sync” one more time…

You aren’t alone. Every day, people are frustrated by software that doesn’t work the way they need. Businesses are losing money by purchasing ineffective software or software applications. These ineffective pieces of software cut into profits and impact ROI every day that passes.

Tech companies try to call them “solutions”, but, more often than not, these software “solutions” turn into a lesson in futility.

There ARE good solutions out there, right? A software product that meets your team’s, clients’, and business’s specific needs. Software that not only saves you time and cost, but also cuts back on frustration while earning more revenue than ever before. A product you could design and develop that offers real time solutions that justify the ROI.

As business leaders, finding the right software tool for your team to best serve your clients can be daunting. Before donning your floaties and diving into the pool of ready-made software solutions, consider another option: custom software.


What Exactly is Custom Software?

Custom software is coded to meet the specific, detailed needs of people and their companies where any requirement can be met, and everything is customizable. Your team has the right information at their fingertips from the user interface to the fields stored on the backend – everything from towel locations to flipping dolphins.


Custom vs Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Software

Custom software could fulfill your business needs, but commercial off the shelf software, also known as COTS, might be the best option. In this guide, we examine the differences so you can decide which option is right for your business.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Software

We break down the advantages and disadvantages so you have all the information available to make an educated decision. This guide examines your business needs can be met from using a customized product that fits all of your team’s needs without the complication of programming languages and jargon getting in the way.

From reviewing updates and features for your project to utilizing the latest technological advances for data management, you’ll can thank your old Excel spreadsheet for its service and retire it. Technology built around your knowledge can create proprietary procedures which can lead to licensing revenue from other industry players. Be the “Big Fish” when it comes to proprietary technology.


Maximize Value from Custom Software

Choosing the custom software route is exciting because it is new tech made just for you and your business! Due to all the options and possibilities, there are three points worth considering to maximize the value and generate the return on investment you’re looking for. Here’s a few key takeaways that our guide discusses in depth:

  • Use it where it makes the most sense.
  • Start small.
  • Choose the right vendor.


The Priceless Value of Trust

Want to know the ultimate gamechanger when it comes to creating a custom software solution for your business? Trust. Trusting your chosen vendor is vital. We’ve all had experiences where the hired expert is less than enthusiastic, doesn’t care about your opinions, and constantly tries to upsell you on features and services you don’t need.

When a relationship is built on trust it can grow to its fullest potential. The same goes for the trust between you, your business and your chosen development team. Trust leads to a better solution that can be fast tracked and lower risk.


Custom Software and Your Business

The journey of choosing custom software for your business is both challenging and exciting. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Custom dashboard: Get a quick overview of how your business or project is doing. Revenues, expenses, inventories, labor numbers and more can be viewed at a glance.
  • Custom invoicing module: Invoicing your clients is crucial and the last place you want errors to show up. With a custom invoicing module rules and procedures can be put in place to your specifics to ensure accurate billing and faster payments from your clients.
  • Custom expense tracking: From fish food to high tech equipment, know exactly where your business expenses are going. So you can find inefficiencies and streamline spending.
  • Custom forecasting: Base forecasts on your business’s specific data, revenue and expenses. Know exactly what direction your business is going.

In the end, custom software provides better control on how you run your business and offers results that keep you, your customers and your stakeholders happy. Elevate your business to the next level with a custom solution that’s right for you and runs alongside your operating systems or already existing computer programs.

Interested in kickstarting your custom software solution and saving on your projects? Book time on our calendar today to get started or submit some information about what you’re looking for to expedite the process.

If the answer to your problems is 42, we won’t charge you for your time and can help you find solutions to issues that might arise in the future so you’re prepared. Let us be the babel fish to talk you through the custom software development and programming jargon.

Ready to kick-start your custom software project?

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