Your job will be to bring your skills to contribute across the entire development stack for our customers and/or projects. As a smaller company, we do not have separate, dedicated teams that focus on specific disciplines in the development stack. Instead, our developers are involved in every component it takes to build reliable enterprise applications on the Microsoft/.NET stack. As someone with a few years of experience, you will be expected to contribute at a high level in application and database development.

Looking for technology services? Our president, Cody Caillet, wrote a great blog post on this very topic that you should read. Click the link below to check it out on his personal blog. While you are, check out some of his other posts and learn more about the leader of this great company.

My management career started six years ago, and I knew nothing. Ok, maybe that’s not fair. At that point in my career, I had been managed by a variety of people of all shapes and sizes, so I at least knew of a few traits or tactics that I liked/disliked. But my own style? I had.as much as anyone else doing something for the first time.