Acumatica is one of those newcomers to what is becoming a very crowded marketplace. We’ve had the privilege of working with the software on a large scale integration project with Mach1 for 12 months and our experience has been very positive, both from the problems it solves and from the integration abilities that it allows you to leverage.

“The great ones we work with know better. They uniquely understand the importance of creating downward pressure on their competition which not only raises the offerings, but indirectly hurts the bottom line of their biggest competition.” Read the rest of the article on Medium here

If there’s anything development related that I love most, it’s an opportunity to do a hard rewrite of some application that’s been around for a while. This 3-part tutorial illustrates the strategy we used to rewrite a data process application using The Microsoft Dataflow Library.

Ah, the good ole days In the early 2000’s (or before), there was a mad rush for organizations to upgrade their back office systems to specialized packages and ERPs.  Like cows to a dinner bell, polished sales teams and papered up consultants flocked by the thousands to offer promises of innovation and modernization.  This was […]